Freelance Illustrator

Jack Baker Design. Illustration, artwork & Concepts

I am a freelance illustrator based in Cornwall, UK. I create fantasy worlds through the method of digital painting. My obsession with genre art started as a child, marvelling over the fantastic artwork through out white dwarfs magazines, and being told off at school for sketching my favourite Warhammer models. Other than client work I am currently working on my own personal project. It is a series of flying whales set in a fantasy world.

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Alderac Entertainment Group - Card Art


A Thousand Suns LLC - Background Painter for Animation


Arkonik - Vehicle Concept Design


RX28 - Album artwork


The Intercedent - Album artwork


Lone Shark Games Inc - Card Art


Book Art Clients:


Travis Bughi: World of Myth series of YA Novels. Book cover art


Chad Huskins: Dorja The Merciful & Lady of Drith book cover art


Patrica Hamill: Avalee and the Dragon book cover art.


Matthew Snee: The Cardboard Spaceship book cover art


Anthony J. Bacala III: The Center book cover art